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Learn all you need to know about adding a Referral, choosing Service Providers and receiving commission for your referrals.
ReferSquare & Service Providers

ReferSquare is a mobile phone app that allows you to get paid for identifying and referring new sales opportunities while doing your day job. ReferSquare is transforming how business consultants, salespeople, account managers and connected individuals alike identify and refer business opportunities.

The aim of our app is to get business professionals to monetize the business information they come across. Our list of trusted, leading, nationwide Service Providers is constantly increasing and they are willing to pay attractive incentives to referrers, who give them a quality referral that they can convert to won business. Service Providers will set the criteria for accepting referrals, so Introducers will know what a quality referral is.

ReferSquare only deals with a select number of Service Providers from individual sectors. Each Service provider is quality checked and approved prior to partnering up with ReferSquare; this ensures that you, as a referrer, are only recommending the services of leading and trusted nationwide Service Providers. ReferSquare has a strict policy for only partnering with Service Providers of the highest quality, and regular reviews will be done to ensure standards are maintained.

How ReferSquare Works

The ReferSquare app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Get it today and start referring and earning now!

Yes, ReferSquare is totally free to download and use.

These can be a variety of people with different roles. However, we envisage they will be similar to the types of roles described below, but this isn’t complete by any means:

  • Business Consultants – you are already working with clients, who require additional services to deliver or address their business needs.
  • Account Managers – who have an established client base with whom they have strong relationships, but always looking to add additional value and being a useful “trusted advisor”.
  • Sales Agents – who already provide solutions to clients and can readily add a range of valuable services to enhance those relationships.
  • By dealing with clients you already know you will be in a good position to understand their current needs and identify others, so will be doing them a huge favour, if you can introduce them to a Service Provider they need.
  • Earn while doing your day job. Every referral you submit that is accepted and becomes new won business, is then adding to your own income. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit, and the commission amount is uncapped.
  • We match all referrals to market leading, trusted service providers. All you have to do is submit the referral, check the status of the referral, and when it becomes “Won”, wait to get paid.

No there is no limit on the number of referrals you can submit, however, they must meet the minimum criteria set by the Service Provider, for example, the sales value of the business won, turnover of the client’s business or number of employees. We encourage you to check the minimum criteria on the ReferSquare portal before suggesting the Service Provider or submitting a referral, which could then be rejected by the Service Provider.

  1. When a referral is submitted, Service Providers are immediately notified. Service Providers can choose to acceptor decline a referral, but if the referral meets their minimum criteria, we believe the number rejected should be tiny. An acceptance of a referral establishes an obligation for the Service Provider to call and pursue the referral within 48 hours and keep their promise to communicate updates to the Refer Square portal, so you know exactly what is happening and when.
  1. We have a rating system to rank a Service Providers referral conversion rate and interaction with a referrer over the lifecycle of a referral. This ensures Service Providers self-regulate and make good on their promises to communicate and deliver, although Refer Square’s Partner Development Director also has regular review meetings with Service Provider’s to ensure all aspects of the end to end process are working as planned and as agreed by the Service Provider Agreement.
  1. The sales cycle for many business opportunities is a few months and we are working on ways to continuously protect referrer interest and encourage Service Providers to provide regular updates. Referrers will be updated at each stage of the sales cycle via the app.

Providing you make sure your referrals meet the minimum criteria that the service providers have outlined then we expect your referrals to have a high accept rate, and typically 1 in 3 referrals to materialize a cash reward. However, in the circumstances a referral does not materialize please do not be disheartened as we will outline the reasons to why this has been rejected.

Commission & Payments

ReferSquare pays you a percentage of the deals value. The amount varies and it depends on each Service Provider.

When a referral is converted to won business and payment made, your earned commission will appear under the “Withdraw funds” section of the app, ready to withdraw. All payments are securely processed through PayPal – the leading payments provider with advanced fraud protection.

Once a referral gets converted, the Service Provider is obliged to pay the incentive within 14 days of receiving payment. A typical referral will have a sales cycle ranging from 30 days to 90 days, from submission through to commission payout to referrer, although some will be longer. ReferSquare ensures you are kept updated on each stage of the sales cycle via the app, with Service Providers obliged to update the status of referrals each week.

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If you have any questions about the app that aren’t available in our FAQ’s, or you are having any trouble, please feel free to contact our product support team and submit a support ticket.

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